Pay Php2,000 refundable deposit. Submit one (1) Design Inspiration (DI) and we will create 1 design based on your instruction. We don’t accept design request without a Design Inspiration (DI). Requesting an entirely new design different from the Design Inspiration is not allowed. After the first design creation, you may ask for 1 revision of the Design Inspiration without pay.  There may be additional fees for additional revision of the first one. Please fill up the form.


Just use the 3DWEAR catalogue and click “Submit” or “Email To A Friend” in the basket. The design will bear the Willix logo. 


Submit to us your own design
and we will assess if appropriate.


  1. You may pay the consumable deposit  directly via Paypal or credit card or through bank transfer.  After filling up the form, an invoice will be emailed to you for payment purposes.
  2. The deposit shall be deductible from your downpayment when you place an order equivalent to 5 pieces of apparel (either tops or bottoms) or 4 pieces of bags.
  3. The deposit shall be forfeited or considered as a design fee (not refundable or consumable) if you decide not to order anymore after the design is made. However, the digital file shall be given to you.
  4. A Design Inspiration is required for every design request. 
  5. Only 1 design shall be made based on the Design Inspiration. Requesting an entirely new design will not be allowed.
  6. Minor revision on the design shall be free until the first request only.  Requests for further revisions
    (after the first one) shall have additional charge of Php 800 or USD 16.
  7. We reserve the right to turn down any requests for free design based on artist’s current load and completeness of the request form. To increase your chances to get fthe free-design package, please ensure that your logos are of high resolution and preferably in vector. Please make sure that your team have firmed up the design concept and is described clearly in the form below.
  8. Cleaning up or digitizing of low-resolution logos shall have a fee of Php 500 or USD 10. 
  9. The additional charges may be deducted from the deposit or billed separately.
  10. WillixSports shall own the design and shall reserve the right to post the design in the 3DWEAR catalogue.

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